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US Legal, Inc. Will Debut Attorney Legal Form Subscription Service at Annual ABA Meeting

August 3, 2005

US Legal, Inc. Will Debut Attorney Legal Form Subscription Service at Annual ABA Meeting


JACKSON, MS – US Legal, Inc. will mark its first appearance at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting with the launch of FormsPass, a legal form subscription service for attorneys now being offered through US LegalForms.com.  The Annual ABA Meeting is set for August 4-9 in Chicago. US Legal, Inc. is a multi-faceted legal publisher which has pioneered Internet ventures geared toward attorneys, businesses and the public since 1997.

According to attorney Frank D. Edens, President and CEO of US Legal, Inc., the new offerings enhance the company’s ability to serve the legal profession.

“With the addition of FormsPass, US Legal continues its expansion as a strong and innovative company which supports legal practice in the 21st century,” said Edens.

FormsPass will enable attorneys and law firms to purchase online legal form subscription packages on a state-by-state basis. The forms are regularly updated by attorneys to ensure compliance with state laws.

“Now, more than ever, time is money for legal professionals. FormsPass lawyers and their staff with immediate access to virtually all the forms they need.  Some forms are a couple of pages in length, but others run more than a hundred pages. Clients have paid attorneys more than $10,000 to prepare these type of documents and having a subscription service will be a valuable tool to assist attorneys with document preparation,” said Edens.

Pricing for an annual FormsPass subscription is based on the size of the firm and number of state packages selected. The pricing structure starts at $800 for a sole practitioner for a single state package and extends to $1200 for larger firms with nominal charges to add lawyers to each state plan.  In addition to the state database subscription purchased, numerous federal forms are also part of subscription packages.

FormsPass is a new feature of US LegalForms.com. US LegalForms.com is the home of the nation’s largest state-specific legal form database with more than 36,000 forms available online. In 2004, the most requested orders by attorneys were for corporate, LLC, pleadings, and complex forms.

More information about FormsPass is available from Exhibitor Booth 319 at the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago and online at formspass.com or call (601) 896-0180.


About US Legal, Inc.

US Legal, Inc. (www.uslegal.com) is a multi-faceted legal publishing company which integrates offerings of legal information, legal products, legal forms, and document preparation. Company websites include US Legal.com, US LegalForms.com, Divorce.com, SearchLaw.com, LawStore.com, and others. US Legal is at the forefront of an ongoing evolution in 21st century legal practice. Attorneys Frank D. Edens and Lem Adams, III founded US Legal and developed the concept based on early successes with Internet ventures geared toward the legal profession. Skytel Founder John Palmer is a major company investor.

About U.S. Legal Forms, Inc.

U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. (www.uslegalforms.com)  is the nation’s leading publisher of state-specific legal forms on the Internet. The company sells legal forms and related products to attorneys, small businesses, and the public. US LegalForms.com now lists more than 36,000 state-specific legal forms, which are drafted in the required language and style needed to conform to the laws of each state. The production staff, comprised of attorneys, research and update legal forms to account for variations and revisions in state law. USLF products are designed to assist attorneys in conducting their business more efficiently and to help consumers with common and routine legal needs.


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