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U.S. Legal Forms Releases New Bankruptcy Forms to Meet Requirements of 2005 Act


October 17, 2005

U.S. Legal Forms Releases New Bankruptcy Forms to Meet Requirements of 2005 Act

JACKSON, MS – As a new federal bankruptcy law takes effect today, U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. (USLF) announces that it has updated bankruptcy form packages and official forms to comply with provisions of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.

USLF CEO Frank D. Edens says the 2005 Bankruptcy Act required that official forms be revised for use by bankruptcy courts. The Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules together with the Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Judicial Conference of the United States has adopted and approved the forms for use beginning October 17, 2005. USLF has converted the forms to fillable PDF and Word format for use by its customers.

“Because it is unclear exactly when individual bankruptcy courts will mandate use of the new forms, USLF continues to provide access to forms in effect before adoption of the 2005 Bankruptcy Act, in addition to the new forms,” says Edens.

Bankruptcy courts are a division of the federal court system and each state has one or more federal bankruptcy courts, which implement bankruptcy laws. Edens says significant changes are expected as a result of recent reforms.

“The new legislation, in part, imposes tighter restrictions on who can file under Chapter 7. In addition to the new forms, we have articles and law summaries available on our website to help explain the changes,” said Edens.

Revised bankruptcy forms are available for purchase on USLegalForms.com. Forms are designed to be downloaded and completed in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format. Bankruptcy packages include forms needed for filing a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy and relevant information and resources.

More information on the changes in bankruptcy law brought about by the 2005 Bankruptcy Act can be found by visiting USLegalForms.com.


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