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Board of Directors

Frank D. Edens

Attorney Frank D. Edens is President and CEO of USLegal Forms, Inc. and has been a driving force behind the growth of USLegalForms.com. Edens recognized early on that the Internet would fundamentally change the way people get legal information and how lawyers offer their services. Frank received his undergraduate degree from Mississippi State University (B.S., 1979) and graduated from the University of Mississippi Law School in 1984 (J.D. Cum Laude, graduated 2nd/79). Frank joined Lem Adams to form Adams & Edens, P.A., in 1985. In 1995, Edens and Adams owned their first Internet company, LawNetCom, Inc. (LNC). It was success with LNC that paved the way for Edens and Adams to found USLegal Forms, Inc. in 1998 and subsequently USLegal, Inc. in 2005.

Edens was raised in Okolona, Mississippi and is a graduate of The Webb School, Bell Buckle, Tennessee (Cum Laude 1975) where he was member of Perfect Council.

Edens became CEO of USLegal Forms, Inc. in 1998, a legal forms internet publishing company and continues to serve the Adams & Edens firm as Of Counsel.

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